Summer trainees 2015

Research groups at the Low Temperature Laboratory (now in the Department of Applied Physics) and the Brain Research Unit (now in the Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering) will hire 2nd - 4th year students as summer trainees and diploma workers.

All those interested in the positions are asked to register, see below. Together with the applications we expect to get transcripts of your study records and a free-form curriculum vitae as instructed in the web form. The choice will be made according to the study record so far, taking into account the courses passed, their grading, practical work, and the time it has taken to carry them out.

Summer trainees will be hired in the following research groups (follow the links for further information on the groups and summer jobs in them):

Low Temperature Laboratory

  • ROTA group (Dr. Vladimir Eltsov): Superfluid 3He experimental research. [More...]

    The research in the ROTA group is focused on the properties of superfluid 3He at ultra-low temperatures. The superfluid phases of 3He are the best experimentally accessible examples of topological superfluids, which share many properties with popular topological insulators and superconductors. We are interested in particular in emergent fermion zero modes, like Majorana fermions at the surfaces and in the cores of the topological defects of the order parameter. The dynamic behaviour and interaction between the objects of different topologies are also investigated.

    The summer project will be connected with development of new types of probes for superfluid 3He research: MEMS-based mechanical probes or SQUID-based nuclear magnetic resonance probes.

  • PICO group (Prof. Jukka Pekola): Quantum thermodynamics and single-photon calorimetry, information-to-energy conversion in nano-circuits, single-electron counting, and electron cooling and thermometry.
  • KVANTTI group (Doc. Sorin Paraoanu): Implementing artificial quantum systems using superconducting circuits [More...]

    Our group is working on experimental implementations of artificial quantum systems using superconducting circuits. The basic quantum components of these circuits are resonators (the harmonic oscillator) and qubits (two-level artificial atoms): these can be coupled together and – much like a lego game – you can build in principle a more complex architecture. In particular, one can envision the use of these circuits as analog quantum simulators that realize a mathematical mapping of a real many-body system (e.g. systems of spins, gauge fields) whose properties (dynamics, phase transitions) are difficult to calculate with current classical computers.

    We are looking for one student to join our group and learn and contribute to the design of a first-generation such circuits, consisting of only a few qubits and resonators. We are located in the Low Temperature Laboratory infrastructure facility in Nanotalo.

  • NANO group (Prof. Pertti Hakonen): Electronic quantum phenomena in nanostructures [More...]

    The Nano group of the Low Temperature Laboratory investigates fundamental quantum phenomena in nanostructures using low temperature and electronic transport measurements. In both normal and superconducting nanosamples quantum mechanical wave character of the electrons and their Coulomb repulsion lead to new phenomena, which we utilize in new sensor/amplifier applications. The summer jobs involve tasks on:

    • Fundamental physical properties of graphene
    • Correlation, noise, and exchange effects in mesoscopic conductors
    • Hybrid carbon nanotube devices for studies of quantum condensates
  • Quantum Nanomechanics group (Prof. Mika Sillanpää): Nanomechanical resonators near the quantum limit, superconducting quantum bits and cavities. [PDF brochure]

You can apply to positions in the low temperature physics groups via the summer internship page for the Department of Applied physics. Applications are open starting from Jan 26th, deadline is on Feb 6th.

  • Nano/ROTA lab tour Wednesday Feb 4 at 10:00, starts at Nanotalo/LTL lobby (western part of the building), Puumiehenkuja 2B.
  • For more information on summer projects for PICO group, come Wednesday Feb 4 at 10:30 at Micronova (lobby), Tietotie 3.

Brain Research Unit

(Prof. Riitta Hari, Acad. Prof. Riitta Salmelin, Prof. Synnöve Carlson).

Further information on the brain research groups can be found from the addresses:

See the Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering summer trainee page for information on the application process and for important dates.