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Riitta Hari, MD PhD

  • Aalto Distinguished Professor (emer.)
  • Academician of Science

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Käsillä tekemisen voima – The power of your using your hands, TEDx talk 29 Nov 2011

Video of our 2-person neuroscience (June 2014)

Research interests

Brain basis of social interaction and cognition, especially cortical dynamics in "two-person neuroscience". Auditory, tactile, visual and multisensory perception. Acute and chronic pain. Cortical control of motor action. Development of noninvasive human brain imaging (MEG, fMRI, DTI). Eye tracking. Clinical applications of brain imaging (especially MEG). Attempts to converge different perspectives on human brain & mind (Mind Forum )

Contact information

Riitta Hari
Department of Art
School of Arts, Design and Architecture
PO Box 31000
Aalto University
FI-00076 AALTO, Helsinki, FINLAND

Street address: Hämeentie 135 C, 5th floor
00560 Helsinki, FINLAND

Email: riitta.hari [at] aalto [dot] fi, hari [at] neuro [dot] hut [dot] fi


Action-perception connection and the cortical mu rhythm