Research Groups

Nano Group

Quantum mechanical wave character of electrons and their Coulomb repulsion lead at low temperatures to new phenomena, which we investigate and utilize in new sensor applications. Presently, we are pursuing basic research on electrical transport and nanoelectromechanical properties of superconducting quantum circuits, graphene, and carbon nanotubes. All these studies are performed in international collaborations with leading European and US Universities.

Pico Group

PICO group investigates thermal and transport properties of mesoscopic structures and devices. Particular research topics include nonequilibrium in electronic nanostructures, thermometry and electronic cooling, quantum coherence in small Josephson junction devices and quantized and coherent single charge pumping.


KVANTTI group: we are investigating phenomena related to quantum coherence in systems such as superconducting circuits and Bose-Einstein condensates. We are also developing experimental methods for exploring the interaction between microwave fields and nano-structured materials.

NEMS Group

NEMS group focuses on studies of nanomechanical resonators near the quantum ground state of moving objects. We aim on observing quantum superposition states of motion by coupling vibrating beams to quantum electrical circuits built upon superconducting junctions or resonators. We also investigate quantum phenomena in such superconducting junction qubits.

Nano theory group

Nano theory group studies nanoelectronics with the focus of research on nonequilibrium phenomena, fluctuations, superconductivity, nanoelectromechanics, topological media and spintronics.

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