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Kvantti - O.V. Lounasmaa Laboratory - Aalto University


Our group is part of the effort in nanoelectronics in the Low Temperature Laboratory.

The group is doing research in fields such as quantum information and quantum-level effects in superconducting devices, quantum coherent matter, and interaction of electromagnetic fields with nano-structured materials.

Note: the logo represents the Bloch-sphere trajectories of two qubits operated as a CNOT gate using an optimized sequence of microwave pulses. See Superconducting quantum circuits for more details.



Summer students: Mikko Ervasti (2008), Sampo Saarinen (2009), Antti Vepsäläinen (2010,2011), Joonas Govenius (2010); Aapo Taavitsainen (2013)


You can see our dedicated cryogenic equipment here:

Superconducting quantum circuits

Electromagnetic fields interacting with nano-structured materials

Quantum coherent matter


Active collaborations:

  • A. J. Leggett, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaing
  • A. Houck, Princeton University
  • J. Mayer and J. Schmiedmayer, Technical University Vienna
  • R. Healey, University of Arizona


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  • S.H.E. dilution refrigerator in electromagnetically shielded room
  • high-frequency electronics

Open positions:

Summer students (2010): there are currently two main research directions which you can join, depending on your interests and skills:

  • QED (quantum electrodynamics) with superconducting qubits and cavities. We study the quantum dynamics and entanglement properties of qubits in coplanar waveguide cavities. These systems are relevant for tasks such as processing of information in future quantum processors. Your summer research project can be either experimental or theoretical (note: theoretical projects would require a background in quantum physics).
  • Nano-structured materials in microwave fields. This direction aims at extracting information about the physical properties of nanoparticles and films, especially those having magnetic properties. Your project will be experimental and it involves collaborating with industry (Nokia Research Center), and groups in the Applied Physics Department (Molecular Materials and Nanospin). Potential candidates should have a background in classical electromagnetism.
  • These positions have been closed.

Ph.D. position (2009): we are currently looking for a Ph.D. student to start in 2009. The announcement can be found here: Ph.D. position

  • This position is now closed.


paraoanu [at] cc.hut.fi