Nano Theory

Nano theory group is part of the nanoelectronics research in the Low Temperature Laboratory. We have an active collaboration with the experimental Nano, Pico and NEMS groups of the laboratory, but most of our projects are independent of these groups.

Research topics

Our recent topics of research include

  • Thermal effects in electronic nanostructures
  • Mesoscopic superconductivity, in particular superconducting proximity effect
  • Fluctuations of current and temperature
  • Far-from equilibrium effects
  • Transport through graphene
  • Nanoelectromechanical systems
  • Topological matter
  • Spin-dependent heat transfer in solids

... And combinations of them

Open positions

We are constantly looking for talented people for doctoral student positions. If you are interested, send email to Tero Heikkilä (


  • See the press release of our work on the admittance of SNS junctions

Recent publications

  • Laitinen, A., Oksanen, M., Fay, A., Cox, D., Tomi, M., Virtanen, P., and Hakonen, P.J., "Electron−Phonon Coupling in Suspended Graphene: Supercollisions by Ripples", Nano Letters, 14, 3009-3013 (2014). [DOI]
  • Pöyhönen, K., Westsröm, A., Röntynen, J., and Ojanen, T., "Majorana states in helical Shiba chains and ladders", Physical Review B, 89, 115109 (2014). [DOI]

  • Heikkilä, T.T., Massel, F., Tuorila, J., Khan, R., and Sillanpää, M.A., "Enhancing Optomechanical Coupling via the Josephson Effect", Physical Review Letters, 112, 203603 (2014). [DOI]

  • Ozaeta, A., Virtanen, P., Bergeret, F.S., and Heikkilä, T.T., "Huge thermoelectric effects in ferromagnet-superconductor junctions in the presence of a spin-splitting field", Physical Review Letters, 112, 057001 (2014). [DOI]

  • Virtanen, P., "Energy transport via multiphonon processes in graphene", Physical Review B, 89, 245409 (2014). [DOI]

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