Recipe for writing patterns by Matthias

(Draft version)

These steps should be followed in this order. Otherwise something may go wrong.

1. Focus etc. like when taking pictures. ! WD must be 7+/-0.1 mm and V= 20 kV. If you are done with aperture alignment for all apertures that you want to use, save the settings.. Put beam shift to zero, check that beam rotation is off (Scanning/|Rotate Tilt in the SmartSEM menu) and that " stage only" option is set for positioning.

2. Set the U-V coordinates.

3. Measure the current.

4. Set Magnification (Database Values checkbox selected) for all the writefields you are going to use. (Maybe no longer required, if column.Set.Writefield(*, true) is used (see step 7).

5. Open a brandnew Positionlist, do not open a saved one. See page 168 of manual.

6. Set the magnification for the next exposure (see step 8) according to step 4.

7. Drag and drop the set magnification macro from the Automation window. You should make your own macros for the calibrated writefields by editing the default macros. Add the line column.Set.Writefield(50, true) to the macro with 50*50 um writefield and for other macros, respectively.

8. Drag and drop the drawing into the positionlist and do all necessary settings.

9. Repeat steps 6-8 until all the writefields and layers are in the positionlist.

10. If you want to make several samples, copy-paste items in the Positionlist or use the matrix copy option.

11. Scan All.