Microkelvin Workshop 2013

Workshop – Review – Users’ Meeting of the EU Microkelvin Collaboration

Sannäs Manor House, Porvoo, Finland

9 – 13 September, 2013

The past 2012 Microkelvin Workshop was organized to provide a wide overview of latest research at ultra-low temperatures, emphasizing nanophysics applications. This time the 2013 Workshop is planned to

  • review Microkelvin research progress during the past four grant years
  • highlight promising future projects
  • introduce novel research which could be part of a future Microkelvin programme
  • prepare for a collection of research papers in Microkelvin Proceedings

The four workshop days 9-12 September are followed by the final public Review of the Microkelvin grant programme on Friday 13 September. The arrival to Sannäs is on Monday morning before the opening lunch which starts at 12 noon. The departure is on Friday, either in the morning or after the Review at 4 pm. The venue is Sannäs Manor House, a convention centre [link] recently acquired by the Aalto University, which is located 60 km to the east from the Helsinki airport and 10 km from the small historic town of Porvoo/Borgå. Transportation from and to Helsinki airport will be available. Travel and boarding at Sannäs are provided from the Microkelvin grant.

The structure and topics of the workshop are organized as follows:

Monday 9 September

Refrigeration, thermalization, and thermometry – JRA1

Chair George Pickett <g.pickett(at)lancaster.ac.uk>

  • Refrigeration in the mK regime – George Pickett
  • Cooling of nanoelectronics – Dominik Zumbühl
  • Pulse-tube-precooled nuclear cooling – Dario Maradan, Igor Todoshchenko

Tuesday 10 September

Nanorefrigeration – JRA2

Chair Jukka Pekola <jukka.pekola(at)aalto.fi>

  • Nanoelectronics – Jukka Pekola
  • Nano- and microcoolers – Matthias Meschke

Wednesday 11 September

Ultra-low temperatures – JRA3

Chair Henri Godfrin <henri.godfrin(at)grenoble.cnrs.fr>

  • Neutron scattering studies of quantum fluids – Henri Godfrin
  • Condensed matter analogues of quantum fields – Grigori Volovik
  • Analogue experiments in nanoelectronics – Sorin Paraoanu
  • Quantum turbulence – Shaun Fisher
  • Magnon condensation – Yuriy Bunkov
  • Surface and vortex core states in superfluid 3He-B – Mikhail Silaev
  • Magnon condensates & applications in 3He-B – Vladimir Eltsov
  • Measurements on vortex cores in 3He-B – Vladislav Zavyalov

Thursday 12 September

Measurement & devices – JRA4

Chair Christian Enss <enss(at)kip.uni-heidelberg.de>

  • Introduction & outlook - Christian Enss
  • Noise thermometry – Andreas Reiser
  • Particle/radiation detectors – Sebastian Kempf
  • Contactless measurement – Andreas Fleischmann
  • Micromechanics – Eddy Collin
  • High-frequency SQUID amplifiers – Pertti Hakonen
  • Correlated electrons – Rüdiger Klingeler

The workshop will host oral and poster sessions. Participation is expected to be around 70 persons. Presentations by visiting Microkelvin Users are particularly encouraged. Currently the programme is under construction.

Please, contact the appropriate chairman and the coordinator Matti Krusius [mkrusius(at)neuro.hut.fi] about presentations and participation.