Microkelvin 2012

Workshop - Review - Users' meeting of the EU Microkelvin program.

Smolenice, Slovakia, 19.-23.3. 2012.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together leading experts in nanoelectronics and ultra low temperature physics to discuss phenomena taking place at temperatures from some tens of millikelvin down to tens of microkelvin. The programme includes oral and poster sessions.

The meeting also hosts the 36-month Periodic Review of the European Microkelvin Collaboration and sessions on User Reports.

The topics of the workshop are

  • Quantum effects in nanomechanics (Chair: Sorin Paraoanu)
  • Fluctuations in nanostructures (Chair: Jukka Pekola)
  • Heat transport in nanostructures (Chair: Tero Heikkilä)
  • Electron pumping (Chair: Dominik Zumbuhl)
  • Quantum entanglement and correlations in electronic systems (Chair: Pertti Hakonen)
  • Cooling and thermometry (Chair: Jukka Pekola)
  • Amplifiers and detectors (Chair: Mika Sillanpää)
  • Topological insulators (chair: Tero Heikkilä)
  • Microkelvin Review & General Assembly meetings
  • Nanomechanics at ultra-low temperatures (chair: Henri Godfrin)
  • Exotic fermion systems (Chair: Nikolai Kopnin)
  • Laboratory models in quantum field theory (chair: George Pickett)
  • Condensates of excitations (chair: Peter Skyba)
  • Low-temperature detectors (chair: Christian Enss)
  • Detection of quantized vortices (chair: Shaun Fisher)
  • Vortex motion (chair: Matti Krusius)
  • Mesoscopics, surfaces, films (chair: John Saunders)

The workshop will be held in Smolenice castle, which is one of the Conference centers of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, located in the region of the Small Carpathian and surrounded by beautiful parks. The workshop is supported by the EU FP7 Microkelvin program.

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