Post-doctoral positions in nanophysics

The Nanophysics groups of the O.V. Lounasmaa laboratory and the Department of Applied Physics of Aalto University have five openings for post-doctoral researchers. These openings will be filled according to the applications sent before 30th November 2012. However, it is better to act fast as we will start considering applicants immediately after receiving their application.

Application form


Research topics

The positions will be filled within the following projects:

A. Theoretical investigation of heat transport and its fluctuations in nanoelectronic circuits

The theory group has an opening for a postdoc working in a project Heattronics funded by the European Research Council. The research carried out in this project is related to analyzing conduction of heat and entropy and their fluctuations in different types of electronic circuits. The possible research topics related to this project include i) general theory of heat conduction and its fluctuations, ii) heat conduction in topological insulators, iii) nonequilibrium effects in Josephson proximity circuits, and iv) driven circuit optomechanics. The exact topic depends on the preferences of the person chosen for the position.

See here or contact Tero Heikkilä for a more detailed description of this position.

B. Experimental investigation of information-to-energy conversion and quantum fluctuation relations in low temperature nanostructures

The Pico group is looking for a postdoctoral scientist to investigate energy fluctuations in quantum nanostructures. Single-electron circuits and superconducting qubits combined with sensitive thermometry provide well controlled realizations for these studies. The candidate is expected to participate in the development of fast calorimetry and single-charge detection and carry out experiments together with PhD students in the group.

For more information on this project, contact Jukka Pekola.

C. Theoretical investigation of non-equilibrium phenomena in driven nanoscale devices.

This theoretical post-doctoral position comprise processes in both normal and hybrid normal/superconducting nanostructures operating at various non-equilibrium conditions including those in the presence of Coulomb blockade. The particular attention will be devoted to theoretical studies of the relations between energy and information flows in such systems. However, other topics can be also considered depending on the applicant’s suggestions.

For more details, please contact Nikolai Kopnin.

D. Nanophysics at sub-mK temperatures

The Nano group is looking for a postdoctoral scientist to work on nanophysics at sub-mK temperatures. One of the goals of this work is to reach the ground state of mechanical motion in nanoelectromechanical systems operating around 100 MHz by immersing them into superfluid He3. Furthermore, the interaction of the mechanical resonator with the superfluid quantum vacuum will be investigated. Besides microwave experiments on the resonators, the candidate is expected to take part in the development of the cooling techniques needed for these investigations, as well as conceiving schemes for investigations of quantum tunneling in macroscopic mechanical systems.

For more information on this project, contact Pertti Hakonen

E. Low-temperature scanning probe microscopy

The Atomic Scale Physics group at the Department of Applied Physics is seeking a postdoctoral scientist to investigate atomically well-defined nanostructures using low-temperature scanning probe microscopies under the ERC Starting Grant project PRECISE-NANO. The aim is to experimentally probe the effects of spatially controlled dopant, adatom and scattering center patterns on graphene and topological insulator surfaces. The candidate would be responsible for setting up the necessary deposition sources in the ultra-high vacuum setup and for carrying out sub-Kelvin STM experiments in high magnetic fields on the structures formed by STM atom manipulation.

For more information on this project, contact Peter Liljeroth.

F. Micromechanical resonators in the quantum regime

The NEMS group is looking for an outstanding postdoctoral scientist to work on Electromechanical quantum coherent systems under the ERC Starting Grant project NEMSQED. The ERC project has the aim on experimentally investigating the coupling of superconducting quantum bits and cavities to nanomechanical resonators near the quantum ground state of the mechanical degrees of freedom. The candidate will be responsible for the development and measurement of the integrated electromechanical quantum chips based the transmon qubit in circuit QED architecture.

For more information on this project, contact Mika Sillanpää.


The contract will be made initially for two years, with possible extensions for a third year. The salary level for post-doctoral researchers is between 3400 and 3740 euros. A preferred starting date is in January 2013, but this can be negotiated.


A doctorate in condensed matter physics or equivalent on a topic of relevance is expected from the candidate. Alternatively, a certificate showing that the applicant will have his/her doctoral thesis evaluated before the start of the contract has to be presented. Very good knowledge of English and a demonstrated ability to publish scientific work is a mandatory requirement for the position. Experience related to the above-described projects is highly appreciated.

The applications and requests for further information should be sent via the application form before the 30th November 2012.