The Proceedings are published as a special issue “Ultra-low temperatures and nanophysics – ULTN2013” of Journal of Low Temperature Physics in the first half of 2014. Original research articles and original reviews related to Microkelvin research are welcome. The editors of the proceedings issue are Jukka Pekola jukka.pekola(at) and Matti Krusius matti.krusius(at) The deadline for submissions is two months after the workshop on Nov 15. There are no page limitations.

Manuscripts should be submitted on-line following the instructions given on this website. On the first screen during the submission process, called "Please Select an Article Type", please choose article type "ULTN2013" from the pull-down menu. This is important for the correct processing of the manuscripts! Additionally please insert in the box “Please Enter Comments” (later during the submission process) the following text: “Article belongs to Special issue Ultra-low temperatures and nanophysics – ULTN2013”. The LaTeX template for manuscript preparation can be downloaded here.

Manuscripts submitted for the proceedings can be downloaded from here: JOLT-1622