The site of the workshop is Sannäs Manor House 60 km east of Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The web pages of this convention centre can be found here [http://www.sannaskartano.fi/en/].

Service will be available in Sannäs from Sunday evening Sep 8 to Friday afternoon Sep 13. Free internet service (WIFI) is provided. On the premises there is also a 3 km jogging trail, a sauna, and a swim bath. For the swim bath a bathing suit is needed.


Standard arrival is on Monday morning, Sep 9. Transportation to the Workshop site will be organized from the Low Temperature Laboratory of the Aalto University in Otaniemi and from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The car ride to Sannäs takes 40 min from the airport. The first session starts at 11:00.

Arrivals to the airport can also be scheduled to Sunday afternoon, with transportation to Sannäs. A buffet dinner will be served in Sannäs on Sunday evening at 19 - 21.

Transportation from the airport to Sannäs Convention Centre is provided by the taxi company CABING. Upon arrival, after passing through the customs in Terminal Hall 2 on the Helsinki-Vantaa airport there will be a van driver with an announcement board MICROKELVIN. Vans will be leaving after flights scheduled to land on Sunday evening at following hours: 15:45, 18:10, 23:05, and 0:50. On Monday the vans will be leaving once the landings scheduled at 11:10, 13:25, 15:10, and 23:00 have taken place.

In case of changes in your travel itinerary or other problems call one of the following mobile phone numbers:

  • Juho Rysti +358503442727
  • Cabing +358443712221


Thursday Sep 12 is the last workshop day with programme until very late in the evening. On Friday Sep 13 the public Review of the Microkelvin grant programme is conducted. The standard departure times from Sannäs are early Friday morning or after the Review which ends with a lunch at 1 - 2:30 pm. In both cases transportation will be provided to the airport.

Alternative transportation

Those who have not communicated their arrival/departure times may order a Yellow Line Airport Taxi (in Terminal 2) for transport to Sannäs. The price for a delivery is 110 Euros. Reimbursement is uncertain since EU regulations do not generally allow individual taxi rides.

For public transportation, take a city bus from the airport to the Helsinki city centre. From the central Bus station then take any bus headed along the eastern coastal motorway to Porvoo, Loviisa, or Kotka. Get out in Porvoo and take a taxi to Sannäs.