If you have an account either on phys (Lowtemp) or dupond (BRU), you can use it for accessing journals and LTL internal web pages when away from office. If you need only journals, be aware of TKK's Lib-proxy service.

NOTE: The Virtual Private Network is more convenient to use, and is recommended over SSH tunnelling.


How to read articles

In the instructions below, it is assumed you have account on phys.ltl.hut.fi. If you have an account on dupond instead, instead of phys.ltl.hut.fi, type dupond.ltl.hut.fi.


Adapted from http://www.tkk.fi/atk/oppaat/ssh/tunneli/

Using Firefox:

1) Open Firefox->Tools->Options->General->Connection Settings...

2) Choose Manual Proxy configuration:

HTTP Proxy: localhost Port:8080

FTP Proxy: localhost Port:8080

3) Close Firefox

Using Internet Explorer:

1') Open Control Panel -> Internet Settings -> Connections -> Local Network...

2') Use Proxy In Local Network (Käytä välityspalvelinta lähiverkossa)


Port: 8080

3') Click OK. Start Internet Explorer.

Using F-Secure or Tectia SSH client (commercial SSH clients, available on TKK):

4) Press Win+R

5) Type ssh2 -L 8080:wwwproxy.hut.fi:80 username@phys.ltl.hut.fi

6) Log in

7) Open Firefox and start to read articles, as you were in TKK campus

Using Putty (free SSH client):

4') Launch putty

5') Session -> Host Name: phys.ltl.hut.fi

6') Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels.

Source port: 8080

Destination: wwwproxy.hut.fi:80

Click "Add".

7') Click Open. Type in your user name and password.


As previously, but

5) ssh -L 8080:wwwproxy.hut.fi:80 username@phys.ltl.hut.fi

Mac OS X

1) Järjestelmäasetukset -> Verkko -> Sisäinen ethernet ->Välipalvelimet

2) Choose Suojattu WWW-välipalvelin (HTTPS) and type

localhost : 8080

press käytä

4) Open Pääte

5) Type ssh -L 8080:wwwproxy.hut.fi:80 username@phys.ltl.hut.fi

6) Log in

7) Open Safari and start to read articles, as you were in TKK campus

Use internal web pages

As above, but instead of wwwproxy.hut.fi:80 type db.ltl.hut.fi:443, and do not set a proxy server in your web browser preferences.

Making a new seminar announcement

Go to https://localhost:8080/seminars/

Using the vacation calendar

Go to https://localhost:8080/calendar/

Registering achievements

Go to an internal page via our wiki, e.g. to https://ltl.tkk.fi/wiki/Registration_of_achievements_for_the_LTL_personnel (wiki also needs login).

Then select one topic, e.g. E4) Editor of a scientific journal. You will see in the browser an address


where you should change the text db.ltl.hut.fi to localhost:8080, to make the address look like


Voilà! Now you can read and edit these pages! A little bit complicated but doable.