Registration of achievements for the LTL personnel

Choose the appropriate page for your achievement.

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For TKK toimii (A-E9) and the Annual Report (_)
A Working (or visiting ) abroad
B Postgraduate studies
D Conference activities (Chairman of a session, chairman/secretary/member of organising committee, organising a conference.)
_ Presentations ( invited talk, oral presentation, invited comment, lecture, posters and participation in a conference)
E1 Awards
E2 Scientific associations (e.g. Finnish Physical Society - Chairman, secretary etc.) NB! Only positions of trust, not memberships
_ MEMBER of a scientific association
E3 Positions of trust in an international organisation (e.g. EU-, evaluation committee)
E4 Editor of a scientific journal
E5 Editorial board member
E6 Editor of a book
E7 Pre-examiner of a doctoral thesis
E8 Opponent at another university
E9 Issuing a statement for a professorship appointment
_ Referee of a scientific publication
_ Reviewer of a grant application
_ Subject of an interview
_ Special assignments
_ Issuing a statement for a docentship appointment
_ Teaching Activities: Courses
_ Academic Degree - Diploma Thesis
_ Academic Degree - Ph.D. Dissertation
_ Group Visits
_ Patents
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