Lauri Nurminen

Contact Info:

lnurmin [at]

Room IM209 at AMI-Centre, Otakaari 5I

Postal Address: AMI-centre Aalto School of Science PL 13000 00076 Aalto


+358-9-470 26159

Vision Systems Physiology

Research interests

My research folds around understanding the early visual system. I have been particularly fascinated by the connection between conscious perception, responses of single neurons and neural populations.

Peer-reviewed publications

Henriksson L., Nurminen L., Hyvärinen A. and Vanni S. 2008, Spatial frequency tuning in human retinotopic viusal areas. Journal of Vision, 8(10), article 5

Nurminen L., Kilpeläinen M., Laurinen P. and Vanni S. 2009, Area summation in human visual system. Journal of Neurophysiology, 102(5), 2900-2909

Nurminen L., Peromaa T. and Laurinen P. 2010, Surround suppression and facilitation in the fovea: very long-range spatial interactions in human contrast perception. Journal of Vision, 10(13), article 9

Kilpeläinen M., Nurminen L. and Donner K. 2011, Effects of mean luminance changes on human contrast perception: contrast dependence, time-course and spatial specificity. PLoS ONE, 6(2), e17200

Kilpeläinen M., Nurminen L. and Donner K. 2012, The effect of mean luminance and grating pedestals on contrast perception: model simulations suggest a common, retinal, origin. Vision Research, 58(1), 51-58