Juha Silvanto

Senior Scientist, Group Leader, Visual Cognition and Awareness Group

Adjunct Professor at Department of Psychology, Helsinki University

e-mail: silvanto@neuro.hut.fi website: http://juhasilvanto.wordpress.com/

Group members:

Anna-Maria Bique, PhD student; Silvia Bona, PhD student; Elyana Saad, PhD student

Selected publications:

Saad E, Silvanto J (in press). How visual short-term memory maintenance modulates subsequent visual aftereffects. Psychological Science.

Soto D, Llewelyn D, Silvanto J (2012). Distinct causal mechanisms of attentional guidance by working memory and repetition priming in early visual cortex. Journal of Neuroscience. 32:3447-52.

Soto D, Mäntylä T, Silvanto J (2011). Working memory without consciousness. Current Biology 21:912-13.

Silvanto J, Cattaneo Z. (2010). Transcranial magnetic stimulation reveals the content of visual short-term memory in the visual cortex. NeuroImage. 50(4):1683-9

Silvanto J, Muggleton NG, Walsh, V. (2008). State dependency in brain stimulation studies of perception and cognition. Trends in Cognitive Sciences. 12: 447-454

Silvanto J, Cowey A, Walsh V. (2008). Inducing conscious perception of colour in blindsight. Current Biology 18:950-951.

Silvanto J, Cowey A, Lavie N, Walsh V. (2005). Striate cortex (V1) activity gates awareness of motion. Nature Neuroscience 8(2):143-4.