Johanna Uusvuori


Member of the Language Perception and Production group

Research interests: Cortical dynamics of reading vs. speech perception, MEG vs. fMRI

Contact information

Johanna Vartiainen (ex. Uusvuori)
Brain Research Unit
Low Temperature Laboratory
Helsinki University of Technology
Otakaari 3 A / PO Box 2200
02015 TKK, Finland

Email: Image:spostiosoite.jpg

Tel.: +358-9-451-5317
Room: 132 (Siperia)


2005 – Post-graduate studies, Helsinki University of Technology, Low Temperature Laboratory
Major: Biomedical engineering
Minor: Information science

2006 Bachelor of medicine, University of Helsinki

2005 Master of science (Technology), Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Engineering Physics and Mathematics
Major: Materials physics
Minor: Biomedical engineering


Uusvuori J, Parviainen T, Inkinen M, and Salmelin R. 2007. Spatiotemporal interaction between sound form and meaning during spoken word perception. Cerebral Cortex, doi:10.1093/cercor/bhm076.

Pernet C, Uusvuori J, and Salmelin R. 2007. Parafoveal-on-foveal and foveal word priming are different processes: Behavioral and neurophysiological evidence. NeuroImage, doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2007.07.035.

Tuoriniemi J, Juntunen-Nurmilaukas K, Uusvuori J, Pentti E, Salmela A, and Sebedash A. 2007. Superconductivity in lithium below 0.4 millikelvin at ambient pressure. Nature, 447, p. 187 - 189.

Tuoriniemi J, Juntunen K, and Uusvuori J. 2003. Thermal contact to lithium metal. Physica B, 329-333, p. 1294-1295.


Uusvuori J, Inkinen M, Parviainen T, Salmelin R. Cortical dynamics of phonological and semantic analysis of spoken words. Human Brain Mapping, 2005. (poster)


Uusvuori J, Parviainen T, and Salmelin R. Cortical dynamics of semantic and phonological analysis of written and spoken words, Society for Neursocience Annual meeting, 2006.