Elli Vuokko

Doctoral student, psychology (part-time)

Supervisors: Päivi Helenius, Markku Niemivirta and Minna Lehtonen

Brain Research Unit

O.V. Lounasmaa Laboratory and MEG Core


Aalto University

Also affiliated with:

Institute of Behavioural Sciences

University of Helsinki

Contact information: elli.vuokko (at) helsinki.fi

Research interests

Neural correlations of mathematical processing

Current post


Department of Child Psychiatry

Helsinki University Central Hospital


Master of Arts (Psychology) 2011

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) 2010


Vuokko E., Niemivirta M., & Helenius P. (2013). Cortical activation patterns during subitizing and counting. Brain Research 1497, 40-52. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.brainres.2012.12.019

Master's thesis 2010: Lukumäärien havaitsemiseen liittyvä aivotoiminta

Abstracts and Posters

Vuokko E., Niemivirta M., Renvall H. & Helenius P. (9.-11.9.2015) Cortical activation during counting in school-aged children. 5th conference of the European Societes of Neuropsychology, Tampere, Finland.

Vuokko E., Niemivirta M., & Helenius P. (2009) Different mechanisms for subitizing and counting revealed by MEG. Learning Mind and Brain, Helsinki, Finland.