Browsing WWW


Full-featured web browsers

Internet explorer, Firefox and Opera are good web browsers. It is recommended to use one of them. However, they all contain several security risks. Be aware and keep your browser updated.

Text-based web browsers

In Unix like systems, there are text based browsers Lynx, and its clone Links which also knows frames.

Command-line based web browser

cURL is a purely command line based tool, which can be used to fetch the content of a page to a file:

  curl > LabHomePage.html

cURL can be also used to fetch images:

  curl -O
  display penguin-smooth.png

When using proxy servers

If you use TKK's proxy server (, and you want to access LTL databases, you need to add,

to your browser's "No proxy for:" list. If you are using Firefox, this list can be found from Edit->Preferences->Connection Settings.