Low Temperature Physics

Research Groups

Rota Group

Work of the Rota Group is concentrated on identifying the topology and structure of different objects in the superfluid order parameter field in the rotating state. 3He is the most versatile laboratory system where such principles as topological stability and confinement, nucleation of singularities, and interactions between objects of different topologies can be investigated.

µKI Group

In the µKI group we study systems thermally active still at microkelvin range of temperatures. This applies to most nuclear spin ensembles, fermion fluids (pure and dilute He-3), and some conduction electron systems, which fail to develop superconductivity or magnetic ordering at higher temperatures. Different subsystems of matter may have very different temperatures at the same time, though they may be spatially inseparable. Fascinating examples of this are the assemblies of nuclear spins and conduction electrons in metals.

Helium theory group

Helium theory group studies quantum condensed matter phenomena in superfluid 3He. Superfluid 3He is a model system for example for cosmology and turbulence.

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