Cryocourse 2009

Marie Curie Advanced Cryogenics Course

Series of Events 2007 - 2010, Conferences and Training Courses

Cryocourse 2009, Helsinki, is an intensive course on Cryophysics and Cryogenics, the science and technology of Low Temperatures.

The course is aimed for graduate students and young researchers from European universities, Research centres and Industry. About 40 persons can be accepted to the course. The selection is based on applications, which should illustrate the candidate's eligibility and need for specific training in cryogenics. Gender, age and nationality are taken into account to achieve good parity and widest possible impact. The selection will be made by the International Advisory Committee.

The course will take place on September 7-18, 2009. It consists of lectures given by proficient physicists, of visits to some Finnish institutions and facilities applying cryogenics in their functions, and of practical exercises on some low temperature protocols.

Courses are given in English. The content will encompass the main topics of Cryogenics from the fundamental physics to industrial applications.

The lectures of this 12 day course will take place at the Lammi Biological Station, which is a University administered seminar facility about 120 km from Helsinki (we are not biologists). The practical training and the site visits are addressed around the Otaniemi area - the campus of Helsinki University of Technology and the location of the Low Temperature Laboratory. The participants will be carried between more distant locations by a dedicated bus service.

All costs, including travel, are covered for those participants meeting the eligibility conditions of Marie Curie Training events. Reduced fees, covering full board (although no travel) will be made available to students not eligible. The participants are obliged to be present for the whole duration of the course.

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