News Items from 1998

The visit of the physics Nobel Prize winners

It is an old tradition that the physic prize winners visit Helsinki after the ceremony in Stockholm. So also this year when Laughlin and Stormer visited the Low Temeperature Laboratory and gave a public lecture at the House of Estates. Here are some pictures from their visit

The Dissertation of Veikko Jousmäki, December 4th, 1998

for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at University of Kuopio


The work in the thesis was done at the Brain Research Unit of the Low Temperature Laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology and the Department of Applied Physics of University of Kuopio

The Dissertation of Jari Saramäki, November 21st, 1998

for the degree of Doctor of Technology at Helsinki University of Technology


1998 Nobel Prize in Physics to Laughlin, Störmer and Tsui

So it wasn't a "No Bell Prize" after all.

Mikko Paalanen 50

Getting 50 years old is regarded as a great cause for celebration in our country. You are half a century, a very round, smooth and even number. It is also very democratic - everybody turns 50 sometimes - So everybody can, at least then, have a big celebration and listen to glorifying speeches from colleagues and friends. Mikko Paalanen, our director since a few years back turns 50 on October 5th and here is my "Greeting Card" to Mikko.

Pictures from the celebration

Finnish-Japanese Symposium on Temporal Aspects of Human Cortical Information Processing,
Espoo 15 - 17 June, 1998

Internetversion of the proceedings is now available

The Dissertation of Simo Vanni September 8th, 1998

Visual Processing in the Human Cerebral Cortex: Neuromagnetic Studies

for the degree of Doctor in Medicine was presented at the Helsinki University Central Hospital
Opponent was Professor Semir Zeki, F.R.S., London

Oh, la la! Veikko's new car, 28 years old, from Belgium

O.V. Lounasmaa completes his study of world wide brain research

and hands over his recommendations for measures to be taken by the University to rector Paavo Uronen.

Lounasmaa calls for coordination of regional Brain-research under the umbrella of a new organization "Neurocentrum HUT". The report is available on the Internet (in Finnish)

Aug 17th, 1998

The Dissertation of Jaakko Koivuniemi, June 26th, 1998

for the degree of Doctor of Technology at Helsinki University of Technology

Nuclear magnetic resonance techniques in the measurement of superfluid 3He vortices

Opponent: Prof. Georg Eska, Physikalisches Institut,Universität Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany

The Karonkka

Finnish-Japanese Symposium on Temporal Aspects of Human Cortical Information Processing, Espoo 15 - 17 June, 1998

Group portrait of the participants by Kari Kuukka in 3 different resolutions
small (624 x 354 pixels, 85 kb JPEG)
medium (1600 x 908 pixels, 450 kb JPEG)
large (2750 x 1560 pixels, 1.1 Mb JPEG)

The dissertation of Karin Portin June 4th, 1998

for the degree of Doctor of Technology was presented at Helsinki University of Technology

Analysis of neuromagnetic oscillatory cortical activity and visual evoked responses

The opponent was Prof. Stephen Swithenby, Physics Department, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Looking for melting-freezing waves in He-3. Old experts tackle new problems, 22 May 1998
Academician Olli V. Lounasmaa was elected foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences. The prestigious membership was celebrated in the laboratory, 11 May 1998
Nina's newborn baby. CONGRATULATIONS!

More office space for the brain group

The new offices were inaugurated in proper style on March 5th 1998

A new magnetically shielded room for LTL

The project has started. A new brain magnetometer made by Neuromag Ltd will be installed in the room. The project requires considerable modifications of existing floorspace. Follow the continuing story of the "project MSH97" and the trials and tribulations of the construction work and the installation of the Vectorview brainmagnetometer. We live in the decade of the brain and and what it means we shall see....

Symposium at Lammi, "Quantum Phenomena at Low Temperatures", 7.1. - 11.1.1998

Group portrait of the participants
Preprints for proceedings

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