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Pico-group - August, 2011
Anna and Ville work on a cryostat

Pico-group - August, 2011
Timothe works on proper thermalization of cables

Pico-group - August, 2011
Ville checks the wires before measurements

Pico-group - August, 2011
Timothe and Simone work on PICO's dry cryostat, aptly named PICO Dry

Pico-group - August, 2011
Anna and Ville working on our second PDR called PICO II.

Pico-group - August, 2011
The RF capabilities of PICO II are visible in the foreground as Anna looks at the connectors

Pico-group - August, 2011
Ville and Timothe work on a sample stage

Pico-group - August, 2011
Matthias explains an amusing feature of the data to the rest of the group.

Old Group Photos:
Pico-group - August, 2011

Pico-group in the lab (June 2012). From left: Hung Nguyen (former member), Simone Gasparinetti (former member), Matthias Meschke, Anna Feshchenko, Ville Maisi (former member), Jukka Pekola, Thomas Aref (former member), Olli-Pentti Saira, Klaara Viisanen and Timothé Faivre. Not shown: Jonne Koski.

Pico-group - August, 2011

Pico-group in Sibeliuspuisto (Sibelius park) in August 2011. From left: Antti Peltonen (technical staff), Hung Nyugen, Simone Gasparinetti, Helena Knowles (former member), Matthias Meschke, Mikko Möttönen (former member), Anna Feshchenko, Olli-Pentti Saira, Ville Maisi (MIKES), Jukka Pekola, Thomas Aref, Timothé Faivre, Juha Muhonen (former member), Youngsoo Yoon (former member) and Jonne Koski.

Pico-group - December 8th, 2010

Pico-group outside Micronova in December 2010. From left: Jukka Pekola, Thomas Aref, Olli-Pentti Saira, Matthias Meschke, Simone Gasparinetti, Joonas Peltonen (former member), Juha Muhonen (former member), Ville Maisi (MIKES), Mikko Möttönen (former member), and Timothé Faivre. Missing from the picture: Youngsoo Yoon (former member) and Jonne Koski.

Group meetings

Where? Grünberg, Micronova
When? Every Monday @9am
Each time we have an informal talk.

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Our measurement laboratory and offices in the Micronova building are placed on the fourth floor, in rooms 4142 (lab) and 4110 - 4112, 4140, 4160 (offices).