25.3.2013, P. Wollfarth’s talk

21/03/2013 News 0

Our guest Philip Wollfarth, graduate student from Alexander Shnirman’s group at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, will give a talk at our weekly group meeting.

Time: 25.3.2013, 9am

Place: Micronova, small lecture hall

Title: Full counting statistics applied to Cooper pair pumping

We investigate geometric charge pumping in superconducting
Josephson devices using the method of Full Counting Statistics.
In previous studies the expectation value of the current operator
was calculated and a very delicate handling of the dissipative master
equation governing the dynamics of the system was required. E.g., the
rotating wave (secular) approximation turned to be non-charge-conserving.
We include the counting field (charge measuring device)
into the master equation and investigate
the influence of voltage fluctuation on the pumping process.