Teaching and seminars

At present

bullet Nanoseminar, a seminar series on nanoelectronics.

Courses that I have organized

bullet Tfy-3.491 Nanophysics, a lecture course on nanoelectronics. Find its lecture notes by clicking here and getting the user name/password from Tero (Firstname.Surname@aalto.fi). The contents of the lecture notes are here.
bullet Tfy-44.172 Materials physics seminar "Modern Applications of Josephson junctions.
bullet A short seminar series on dissipation in quantum mechanics

Courses I have tutored:

(The links point to the current web pages of those courses, if they exist. I am not responsible for their present content.)

bullet Tfy-44.140 Quantum Computing. There I also supervised and mostly edited a collection of student essays on physical realizations of quantum computing.
bullet Theoretische Physik F - Statistische Physik, a course on Statistical physics at the University of Karlsruhe (in German).
bullet Tfy-44.126 Kvanttimekaniikka I  - course Quantum Mechanics I on the basics of quantum mechanics (in Finnish)
bullet Tfy-44.139 Kvanttimekaniikka IV - course Quantum Mechanics IV on quantum field theory
bullet Tfy-44.135 Kvanttimekaniikka III - course Quantum Mechanics III on group theory
bullet Computing courses: Tietotekniikka A (Basic course on Fortran), Computer as a tool (twice).

I have supervised the following master's thesis:

bullet Pauli Virtanen: Phonons and shot noise (2005)
bullet Matti Laakso: Electronic transport in multiprobe graphene structures (2008)

I have supervised the following special assignments:

(Special assignment is an undergraduate work, approximately fourth of a master's thesis.)

bullet Markku Stenberg: Thermopower in mesoscopic normal-superconducting nanostructures (1999)
bullet Jani Särkkä: Nonideal mesoscopic Josephson junction (2001)
bullet Jani Särkkä: Electron distribution function in a quasi-one-dimensional wire (2003)
bullet Pauli Virtanen: Thermopower induced in an Andreev interferometer (2003)
bullet Ville Pietilä: Effect of driven noise in a Josephson junction (2003)
bullet Pauli Virtanen: Fluctuation of current in mesoscopic junctions (2004)
bullet Pauli Virtanen: Measuring fluctuations with Josephson junctions (2004)
bullet Juha Voutilainen: Nonequilibrium behaviour in mesoscopic SINIS structures (2004) (together with Nikolai Kopnin)
bullet Juha Voutilainen: Voltage noise of a single electron transistor (2005)
bullet Matti Laakso: SISIS Josephson transistor in the nonequilibrium regime (2006)
bullet Matti Laakso: Frequency dependent conductance of a single-electron transistor (2007) (together with Teemu Ojanen)
bullet Matti Laakso: Scattering approach to transport in graphene (2007)

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