I study theoretically phenomena related with mesoscopic nanoelectronics. My research topics include

bullet Superconducting proximity effect
bullet Nonequilibrium supercurrent in superconductor - normal metal - superconductor weak links
bullet Thermoelectric effects
bullet Superconductor-ferromagnet heterostructures
bullet Andreev reflection and conductance fluctuations
bullet Nonequilibrium and relaxation in mesoscopic wires
bullet Kinetics in diffusive normal metals, relaxation
bullet Dissipative dynamics of SIS Josephson junctions
bullet Current fluctuations and full counting statistics in mesoscopic structures
bullet Quantum measurements
bullet Mesoscopic devices
bullet Nonequilibrium/quasiequilibrium supercurrent transistor
bullet SINIS coolers
bullet Electron transport through single molecules

These topics are of course in many ways interconnected and a typical specific topic includes parts from many themes. For example, the supercurrent transistor we propose is based on the nonequilibrium-controlled supercurrent through normal-metal weak links, and its behavior is partly dictated by the strength and type of relaxation mechanisms in the weak link. Or, as another example, both the dissipative dynamics of quantum devices and the nature of quantum measurements are directly connected to the noise properties of either the environment of the device, or the device itself.

If you are interested in any of these subjects, consult my publications or ask me directly.

Last modified 19.4.2004