Teemu Ojanen

Associate Professor

Tampere University, Finland 




I did my phd in the nanotheory group in Low Temperature Laboratory in Helsinki University of Technology.  I worked as a postdoc at Freie Universität Berlin in the group of Prof. Felix von Oppen ( 2008-2010). Between 2011-2012 I was visiting the Condensed Matter Theory group at Harvard University. I was an Academy Research Fellow (funded by the Academy of Finland) leading my own research group at Aalto University between 2012-2017. In 2018 I was appointed as Associate Prof. (Tenure Track) in Tampere University of Technology (now Tampere University), and moved my research group Theory of Quantum Matter there.




Research interests

-Quantum condensed-matter physics

-Topological matter

-Mesoscopic systems and quantum transport

Current members of my group

Isac Sahlberg ( phd student)

Long Liang (postdoc)

Moein Najafi Ivaki (phd Student)


Isac Sahlbergm, Alex Westström, Kim Pöyhönen and Teemu Ojanen, Topological phase transitions in glassy quantum matter, arXiv:1902.01631.

Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Rok Žitko, Marc Dvorak, Teemu Ojanen, Peter Liljeroth, Engineering of Chern insulators and circuits of topological edge states, arXiv:1811.11591

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Supevised theses

Alex Westström, Majorana and Weyl Modes in Designer Materials, Phd Thesis (2018).

Kim Pöyhönen, Engineering low-dimensional topological superconductivity in magnetic heterostructures, Phd Thesis (2018).

Isac Sahlberg, Topological superconductivity in regular and random lattices Master's Thesis (2018).

Joel Röntynen, Topological superconductivity in magnetic adatom lattices, Phd Thesis (2016).

Tomi Ruokola, Thermal transport in mesoscopic devices Phd Thesis (2012).

Jukka Väyrynen, The gradient expansion and topological insulators, Master's Thesis (2011).

Alex Westström, Majorana states at magnetic domain walls, Bachelor's Thesis (2013).

Kim Pöyhönen, Topological properties of superconducting chains, Bachelor's Thesis (2013).

Jaakko Hujanen, Inverse Problem for Quantum Mechanical Scattering in One Dimension, Master's Thesis (2014), (co-supervised with Nuutti Hyvönen).

Alex Westström, Topological properties of Helical Shiba Chains, Master's Thesis (2015).

Kim Pöyhönen, Majorana states in ferromagnetic chains, Master's Thesis (2015).

 Hobbies&related interests

-Sports: floorball, badminton, football…

-Beer :-)

-Books, especially scifi and fantasy, comic books&graphic novels

-History of physics and mathematics