PICO Dry step by step cooldown


General Information

  • Contact Person: Mathias Meschke / Timothé Faivre
  • Location: Micronova 4th floor

Step by step guide to cool PICO dry down

  • Close the shields and vacuum can. The two weldings of the room temperature shield have to be aligned.
  • Pump the air out of the system, until P<10 − 3 mbar
  • Heat the cryopums for heatswitches
  • Start the Pulse tube from Control panel. The system cools to 12 Kelvin after 10 hours.
  • Start to pump Mixture in and out through the Still line: this can be done with the "pulse_precool" script. Wait for 1-2 hours until P3 is few tens of mbar. Stop the script at the pumping stage (V10 is open)
  • Stop the heatswitches
  • Put the cryostat into the normal circulation mode (V10, scroll1, V8, V6, Com.,V5 and V1 on/open)
  • Start the condense_v2 script, flow should be around 1 mmol/s

Step by step guide to warm PICO dry up

Step by step guide to installing Bluefors software

  • Install Labview (7.1 or newer)
  • Copy the ValveControl software
  • Install proper NI-DaqMx drivers from NI webpage (8.3 is at least good)
  • From the measurement and automation explorer check that you see 2 devices under NI-Daqmx devices: NI USB-6008 and NI PCI-6251
  • If you do not see the latter, you need to install drivers for the serial - USB adapter (PL2303)
  • Rename NI USB-6008 to "ValveControl"
  • Run ConfigData.nce file