NANO-2, Cryostat with 20mK base temperature (room 154e)



Main characteristics

  • Base temperature: <25 mK (<20 mK expected)
  • Cooling power mixing chamber at 100 mK: 125 uW
  • Cooling power 4K-flange at 4K: >0.25 W
  • Cooldown time to basetemperature: <24 hours (<20 hours expected)

Measurement Circuitry

The cryostat is design for high frequency measurements at base temperatures as low as 50mK. There are altogether 6 coaxial high frequency lines and around 30 dc measurement lines.

4K Magnet

As of September 2015 there is a superconducting magnet installed on the 4K shield. The magnet and wiring is organised as follows:

  • RT to 60K - Brass strip approx. 10mmx0.5mm
  • 60K to 4K - High temperature superconducting strip clamped to silver coated copper. The both flanges there is copper strip (approx. 10mmx0.5mm) bolted to the HTS clamps and pressed against clamps on the flanges. The clamps on the flanges are bolted to the flange surface and insulted with kapton tape where the strip contacts the clamp.
  • 4K - Below the 4K flange clamp there is copper strip that is soldered to the superconducting magnet wire (NbTi) over a length of approx. 10cm.
  • Magnet - The magnet has length of 248mm and a diameter of 170mm. There are approx. 820 turns. The wire is 0.5mm NbTi in copper cladding. The field strength is about 3.4 mT/A.


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