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HUT Centrum for Neurosystems
Neurosysteemien instituutti

HUT Centrum for Neurosystems, founded in December 1999, is an umbrella organization aimed to enhance interaction between researchers and laboratories interested in systems-level neuroscience and related technological research and engineering. NeuroHUT members include at present 8 research laboratories (3 of these Centers of Excellence of the Academy of Finland), in total about 30 senior scientists and 50 PhD students. The member laboratories belong to several graduate schools, such as

The system-level neuroresearch at NeuroHUT includes

Member Laboratories

Welcome to
** N e u r o C a f e **
Spring 2004

organized by
HUT Centrum for Neurosystems NeuroHUT &
Finnish Graduate School of Neuroscience FGSN

Nettikahvila, HUT, Otakaari 5
on Fridays, 2:30-4 p.m

Welcome to join interesting discussions on brains and minds. NeuroCafe entrance fee of 1 euro includes coffee and pulla.

Please mark these dates to your calendar today!!

January 23, 2004 Kiti Müller (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health):
When human and artificial intelligences meet: Crash or communication?
Moderator Aarne Halme (HUT)
February 20, 2004 Aapo Hyvarinen (University of Helsinki):
The world in our brains: How do statistical properties of our environment shape us?
Moderator: Jouko Lampinen (HUT)
March 19, 2004Kai Kaila (University of Helsinki):
Am I responsible for acts that "my genes make me do"?
Moderator: Matti Sintonen (University of Helsinki)
April 23, 2004Kristian Donner (University of Helsinki):
Thermal noise and limits of perception
Moderator: Ari Koskelainen (HUT)