Kilpisjärvi Spring School on Mesoscopic Physics for Graduate Students of Nordic Countries  

April 30 - May 5, 2005  



UPDATED 29.4.2005








9h00-10h45 Büttiker Quantum Shot Noise: From Schottky to Bell
Talk in pdf format
Talk in pdf format (cont)

11h00-12h00 Reulet
Talk in pdf format

9h00-10h45 Lévy

11h00-12h00 Kopnin Andreev reflection in superconducting quantum point contacts

9h00-10h45 v.d. Zant

11h00-12h00 Fazio

9h00-10h45 Lindelof Electrical Contacts to carbon nanotubes

11h00-12h00 Egger Electronic transport in carbon nanotubes









15h00-16h00 Buks Nonlinear Resonators - From Nanomechanical to Superconducting Striplines
Talk in pdf format

16h00-17h00 Sonin Coulomb blockaded tunnel junction as a noise probe
Talk in pdf format

15h00-16h00 Giazotto Electron cooling in superconducting nanostructures and Josephson transistors controlled by nonequilibrium coolers

16h00-17h00 Seppä From micro- to nanomechanics

15h00-16h00 Haviland Biasing quantum circuits with Josephson junction arrays

16h00-17h00 Feigel’man Anomalous periodicity of supercurrent in a long frustrated Josephson junction chain

15h00-16h00 Kinaret

16h00-17h00 Kubatkin Contacting individual molecules









19h00-20h45 Poster presentation 1

19h00-20h45Altshuler CANCELLED!

19h00-20h45 Poster presentation 2


19h00-20h30 Poster presentation 3


Hotels in Helsinki. Info added 1.4.2005

Reimbursement info updated 26.4.2005

NorFa will reimburse the students against the original tickets and receipts. Each student will get a travel invoice to be filled in and sent along with the original tickets to Norfa, after returning home. University of Jyväskylä, Department of Physics is the NorFa coordinator.

SCOPE: The School is intended for graduate students and post-docs of Nordic countries interested in the following topics: Josephson junctions, nanotubes and molecular electronics, nanomechanics, noise and counting statistics, and nonequilibrium phenomena.

The idea is to bring together about 40 people out of which 20 are students. Each topic will be covered by one double lecture giving an overview of the field + two - three individual lectures highlighting recent progress in a particular area. Mornings are reserved for the lectures while in the afternoons the students will present their own research activities, both in the form of talks and posters. The school will take place in informal atmosphere in a beautiful arctic spring setting with long days and short nights.

LOCATION: Kilpisjärvi Biological Station is situated in the mountain birch forest zone near the 70th parallel of northern latitude (69° N; 20° E) in the northwesternmost part of Finland. The station belongs to University of Helsinki.


EXPENSES: For graduate students the room and board in Kilpisjärvi are free. For post-docs the cost of food and accommodation will be 200 Euro. Travel to and from Kittilä Airport must be paid by the participants. Bus transportation from Kittilä airport to Kilpisjärvi (about 400 km) will be provided on Saturday, April 30, leaving the airport at 4 pm. On May 5th there will be bus transportation back to Kittilä airport, where we expect to arrive at around 1 pm. The flights that match the bus transportation are FINNAIR - AY 453 (SAT 30APR, HELSINKI – KITTILA, 12:35 – 14:05) and AY 4442 (THU 05MAY, KITTILA – HELSINKI, 13:45 – 15:10). Note that the latter flight is the only one back to Helsinki during that day! For flight reservations contact the FINNAIR website. We have reserved a few seats (224 Euro/person) but we recommend that you make your own booking as it will be more convenient and a lot cheaper. If you insist on getting a plane ticket via us, please contact Satu Pakarinen at You may apply for financial support from NorFA on the registration form.

REGISTRATION: Owing to space limitations, the total number of students & postdocs will be restricted to 20. The registration form can be accessed through the web. Deadline 1.2.2005!

TALKS AND POSTERS: The students are expected to present their own work in the form of oral presentations (20 min) as well as on posters (width 90 cm * height 120 cm). The student sessions are scheduled for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Prize for the best oral/poster presentation will be given.

FREETIME ACTIVITIES:  The station is an ideal place for hiking/skiing, though the weather conditions may vary quite a lot in the beginning of May. Please, bring your own outdoor equipment. Also Kilpisjärven Retkeilykeskus (300 meters from the Biological Station) hires out skis!

TRAVEL INFORMATION: See here for public transportation or here for a road map. (information in Finnish)


SPONSORS: NorFA network Mesoscopic Solid State and Molecular Electronics, National Graduate School in Materials Physics (NGSMP), Laboratoire de Physique et Modélisation des Milieux Condensés (Université Joseph Fourier - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), and the Large Scale Facility programme ULTI IV sponsored by the European Union.


Pertti Hakonen, HUT
Frank Hekking, UJF-CNRS
Ilari Maasilta, JyU
Jukka Pekola, HUT

Secretary Satu-Anniina Pakarinen, HUT


Altshuler review talk on Non-equilibrium and dephasing
Buttiker review talk on Noise
Levy review talk on Josephson junctions
Lindelöf review talk on Nanotubes and molecular electronics
van der Zant review talk on Nanomechanics

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