COSLAB Workshop
on Turbulence and Vacuum Instability
in Condensed Matter and Cosmology
August 17-22, 2004

Arranged by LTL, Helsinki University of Technology in Lammi, Finland

In the framework of the European Science Foundation programme COSLAB Cosmology in the Laboratory

1-st row: Boris Shapiro, Giuseppe Vitiello, Grigory Volovik, Yuriy Bunkov, Igor Tkachev, Heikki Junes, Shaun Fisher, Aleksanteri Kulvik, Nikolai Kopnin

2-nd row: Matti Krusius, Uwe Fischer, Kyo Yoshida, Franceska Federici, Wilfried Schoepe, Ariel Maniv, Tomi Ruokola, Carlos Lobo, Vladimir Eltsov, Isaak Khalatnikov, Sergey Nazarenko, Mrs Khalatnikov, Victor L'vov, Tom Mullin, Mrs Vitiello, Makoto Tsubota, Carlos Barcelo, Adriaan Schakel, Mikhail Altaisky, Garcia de Andrade, Miss Garcia de Andrade

3-rd row: Juha Kopu, Naoko Arimitsu, Toshihiko Arimitsu, Renato Gatto, Federico Toschi, Carlo Barenghi, Antti Finne, Joseph Niemela, Ladislav Skrbek, Ralf Schuetzhold, Kumar Rajapogal

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The main emphasis of the COSLAB Programme is to exploit the analogies between the quantum vacuum in high-energy physics/cosmology and the condensed-matter systems. These systems include superfluids, superconductors, liquid crystals, Bose--Einstein condensates (BEC), non-linear optical systems and many others. This Workshop focuses on common problems of vacuum instability and turbulence. An example of the vacuum instability is the observed instability of the interface between two superfluid phases of 3He (two quantum vacua). This instability has the same physical origin as the instability of the quantum vacuum behind the black-hole event horizon. The same instability leads to the vortex creation in rotating BEC. In superfluid 3He vortices are also formed by this instability, and their formation is accompanied by the superfluid turbulence in the intermediate stage. New features of the superfluid turbulence found in this and other experiments are also discussed, as well as related problems in classical hydrodynamics and cosmology.

The following COSLAB 2004 workshop will be from September 10th to 17th in Ambleside, the Lake District, UK.

There will be an ESF COSLAB Network Conference in Chamrousse, Grenoble (France) on 17 - 22 December 2004. The title of the conference is: Disorder and Topological Defects, a Helium Primer.

List of speakers and topics in Lammi

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The Helsinki University Biological Station is located in Lammi about 120 km north of Helsinki. The Station provides a modest peaceful conference site with room and board for all participants.


Bus transportation will be provided to and from Lammi on Tuesday 17.8. and Sunday 22.8. with pickups and dropoffs at the airport and at the campus of HUT. Please, indicate your preferred place for pickup (hotel, campus or airport) on the registration page. There will be a convenient pickup from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport on Tuesday, 17.8. 2004, at 16:30 o'clock. The bus with a yellow COSLAB sign can be found at the shuttle bus platform on the same level as the arrivals halls 2 & 3. The platform is on the very right hand side of the platform area.

You will find public transportation timetables at (the place of arrival/departure is Lammi)

There is no need for advance booking. You can buy tickets from Matkahuolto office at the station or from the driver (about 16€).
From Monday to Sunday there are two buses from Helsinki to Lammi; departure at 13:15 (change in Hämeenlinna) arriving in Lammi at 15:10 and dept. at 18:00 (change in Hämeenlinna) arriving at 20:10. All the buses leave from the main bus station in the center of Helsinki.
From Monday to Sunday a bus from Lammi to Helsinki leaves at 05:25 (change bus in Hämeenlinna) arriving in Helsinki at 07:45. Please check in advance at the pages, changes are very unusual but may occur.

Tuesday 17.8. 2004

15:00 Departure from the HOTEL RADISSON SAS ESPOO
15:15 Pickup at LTL/Otaniemi
16:30 Pickup from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
18:00 Arrival in Lammi, registration and informal get together party

Sunday 22.8. 2004

11:00 Departure from Lammi
12:30 Dropoff at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
13:00 Dropoff in downtown Helsinki
13:30 Arrival in Otaniemi


Please, confirm your participation by pre-registering before June 15th, 2004 on this form


Overhead and a dataprojectors are available. A local PC, with Microsoft XP system, and with CD and USB memory stick inputs, is available for the Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. However, the use of Adobe PDF files is recommended. A personal portable PC can also be connected to the dataprojector. For the benefit of the audience, handouts of the presentations are encouraged during the symposium. For later downloading of the presentations, the organizers would like collect from each speaker his contribution on a CD to post the whole program on a server

Peter Berglund/ 5.5.2004