Status of ULTI projects

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Contract number: RITA-CT-2003-505313, Project Manager: Prof. Mikko Paalanen

There are 56 records

project numberproject titlelocal hostproject leaderhome institutioncountry of institutionaccess given (in days)access used (in days)starting date (yyyy-mm-dd)status
1Vortex Network Generation in Superfluid TurbulenceProf. Grigory VolovikDr. Adriaan SchakelInstitut fuer Theoretische Physik, Universitaet LeipzigGermany31162004-04-15COMPLETED
2Carbon Nanotube/Metal Hybrid Structures at mK-temperaturesProf. Pertti HakonenProf. Christoph StrunkInstitut für Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik, Universität RegensburgGermany1231282004-04-15COMPLETED
3Developed Superfluid TurbulenceProf. Grigory VolovikProf. Carlo BarenghiMathematics Dept., University of NewcastleU.K.92792004-04-15COMPLETED
4Universality of the Hawking Effect - Superfluid Helium AnaloguesProf. Grigory VolovikDr. Ralf Schuetzhold and Mrs Sarah MostameInstitut fuer Theoretische Physik, Technische Universitaet DresdenGermany92302004-04-15COMPLETED
5Thermometric Effects in Hybrid Superconductor-Normal Metal StructuresProf. Jukka PekolaProf. F.Beltram, Dr. F. Giazotto and Mr. S. Tirelli SNS, PisaItaly92762004-04-15COMPLETED
6Recent Issues in Hydrodynamics Connecting Viscous Fluids and SuperfluidsProf. Matti KrusiusDr. Marc RabaudFAST, Universite Pierre & Marie CurieFrance14112004-04-15COMPLETED
7To Prepare a Report on the Superfluid Kelvin-Helmholz InstabilityProf. Matti KrusiusDr. Ladislav SkrbekJoint Low Temperature Laboratory, Czech Academy of Sciences, PragueCzech92882004-04-15COMPLETED
8Collaboration on the Latest Experimental Results for NuclearProf. Mikko PaalanenProf. Michael SteinerHahn-Meitner Institute, BerlinGermany30282004-09-01COMPLETED
9Quantum Coherent Effects in Josephson Junction Circuits and QuasiparticleProf. Jukka PekolaDr. Frank HekkingCRTBT/CNRSFrance1231092004-09-01COMPLETED
10Turbulence in Fluids and SuperfluidsProf. Grisha VolovikProf. VIktor L´vovDept. of Chemical Physics, The Weizmann Institute of ScienceIsrael90922004-09-01COMPLETED
11Spin Current TurbulenceProf. Grisha VolovikProf. H. GodfrinCRTBT/CNRSFrance1201132004-08-01COMPLETED
12Tunnel Junction as a Probe of Noise StatisticsProf. Pertti Hakonen Prof. E. SoninRacah Institute of Physics, Hebrew Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael92922004-08-01COMPLETED
13New Experimental Techniques for the Investigation of Superfluid Turbulence at Very Low TemperaturesProf. Matti KrusiusProf. W. SchoepePhysics Department, University of RegensburgGermany9276COMPLETED
14Investigation of Higher Order Moments of Noise Using Coulomb Blockaded Josephson JunctionProf. Pertti HakonenDr. Julien DelahayeLEPES-CNRS, Grenoble, FranceFrance31142005-02-05COMPLETED
15Quantized Vortices at the Interface between the A and B phases of Superfluid He3Prof. Matti KrusiusProf. George Pickett, Dr. Richard Haley and Mr. Martin JacksonLancaster University, Dept. of PhysicsUK92812005-06-13COMPLETED
16Hydrodynamics of Quantized Vortices in a Long Rotating Column: Kelvin-Wave Instability and Superfluid TurbulenceProf. Matti KrusiusDr. Rob BlaauwgeersLeiden UniversityThe Netherlands1231232005-03-01COMPLETED
17Vortex Propagation and Configuration in High Speed RotationProf. Matti KrusiusProf. Reyer JochemsenLeiden UniversityThe Netherlands123922005-03-18COMPLETED
18Design of a New Optical Cell for Studies of 3He Crystals in a Magnetic FieldDr. Harry AllesProf. George Pickett and Dr. Viktor TsepelinLancaster University, Dept. of PhysicsUK91862005-08-01COMPLETED
19Experiments on Mesoscopic Squid-ArraysProf. Jukka PekolaDr. Wiebke GuichardUniversité Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, FranceFrance92652005-07-01COMPLETED
20Measurements on the Dynamics of Quantized Vortices as a Function of the Applied Flow VelocityProf. Matti KrusiusDr. Patryk GozdzDarmstadt Technical UniversityGermany9202005-07-01COMPLETED
21Interferometric Studies of Charge QubitsProf. Pertti HakonenProf. Per DelsingChalmers University, GothenburgSweden9202005-01-01COMPLETED
22Hydrodynamics of 3HeProf. Matti KrusiusDr. Ladislav Skrbek , Mr. Timofiy Chagovets and Mr. David SchmoranzerInstitute of Physics ASCR, Dept. of Low Temperature PhysicsCzech Republic1221282005-01-01COMPLETED
23Frequency Dependent Noise and Higher Cumulants in Mesoscopic StructuresDoc. Tero HeikkiläDr. Peter SamuelssonLund University, Division of Solid State PhysicsSweden1442005-01-11COMPLETED
24Statistics of Electron Transport in Mesoscopic DevicesProf. Pertti HakonenProf. Edouard SoninRacah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael921012006-01-01COMPLETED
25Thermoelectric Effects in Mesoscopic N/S NanosructuresProf. Jukka PekolaDr. Igor SosninRoyal Holloway University, Physics Dept.UK62552006-01-01COMPLETED
26Quasiclassical Descrition of Coherent Quantum SystemDr. Juha KopuProv. Doz. Matthias EschrigInstitut für Theoretische Festkörperphysik, Universität KarlsruheGermany319COMPLETED
27Full counting statistics using Josephson junction detectorsJukka PekolaHugues PothierCEA SaclayFrance1442006-03-26COMPLETED
28On-chip detection scheme for high frequency noiseJukka PekolaRichard Deblock, Helene BouchiatUniversite Paris-SudFrance31102006-03-26COMPLETED
29Josephson junction threshold detectors of current fluctuationsJukka PekolaHermann GrabertUniversity of FreiburgGermany31132006-03-26COMPLETED
30Non-equilibrium effects in mesoscopic structuresJukka PekolaAndrey Zaikin University of Karlsruhe and Institute of NanotechnologyGermany31202006-03-26COMPLETED
31Charge pumping and ratchet effects in Josephson junction circuitsJukka PekolaDieter KoelleUniversity of TubingenGermany3182006-03-26COMPLETED
32Photons generated by shot noiseTero HeikkiläHenning SchomerusDepartment of Physics, Lancaster UniversityUK14122006-03-26COMPLETED
33Full Counting Statistics in Superconducting HeterostructuresTero HeikkiläWolfgang Belzig Quantum Transport Group, Faculty of Physics, University of KonstanzGermany1472006-03-26COMPLETED
34Feedback mechanism in single-electron tunneling devicesPertti HakonenYaroslav Blanter Delft University of TechnologyThe Netherlands1462006-03-26COMPLETED
35Excitation spectrum of a quantized vortex and connection to superfluid turbulenceMatti KrusiusJoe VinenDepartment of Physics and Astronomy, University of BirminghamUK3182006-03-26COMPLETED
36Critical phase separation in solid isotopic helium mixturesJuha TuoriniemiBrian CowanRoyal Holloway, University of LondonUK1442006-03-26COMPLETED
37Simulation of Lorentz violation in quantum liquidsGrigopry VolovikGiovanni Amelino-CameliaDipartimento di Fisica, Universita di RomaItaly1442006-03-26COMPLETED
38Turbulence in superfluids and in Bose condenstatesGrigory VolovikSergey NazarenkoMathematic Institute, University of WarwickUK1462006-03-26COMPLETED
39Hydraulic jump in superfluidsGrigory VolovikEtienne RolleyDepartment of Physics, ENS, ParisFrance1472006-03-26COMPLETED
40Vortices and hydrodynamics in superfluid 3He-BMatti KrusiusAndrei GolovDepartment of Physics and Astronomy, University of ManchesterUK9289COMPLETED
41Experiments on supersolid 4He at the melting pressureHarry AllesSebastien BalibarDepartment of Physics, ENS, ParisFrance1402006-03-26COMPLETED
42Search for new features in the melting pressure of 4He and new facets of solid 4HeHarry AllesProf. R. Jochemsen, Mr. Juan Bueno, and Mr. Duyha NguyenLeiden University, Kammeligh Onnes LaboratoryThe Netherlands90912006-04-11COMPLETED
43Noise in ballistic superconducting quantum nanostructuresN. KopninProf. Yuri Galperin and Mr. Dmitri Denisov Department of Physics, University of OsloNorway30232007-01-25COMPLETED
44Structure of the Universe vacuumGrigory VolovikLarisa Laperashvili, Holger Nielsen The Niels Bohr Institute, Blegdamsvej 17, 2100 CopenhagenDenmark14122006-06-12COMPLETED
45Anderson localization and quantum Hall effectPertti HakonenD.E. KhmelnitskiiTrinity College, Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory, University of CambridgeUK1482006-06-12COMPLETED
46Generation and detection of excitations in superfluid 3H-B with a quartz tuning fork oscillatorProfessor Matti KrusiusProfessor Peter Skyba and Mr. Marcel CloveckoInstitute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Kosice, SlovakiaSlovakia90872007-01-15COMPLETED
47Multiple Andreev reflections in single-walled carbon nanotubesDocent Tero HeikkiläProf. Juan Carlos CuevasDepartemento de Fisica Teórica de la Materia Condensada C-V, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, E-28049, Madrid, SpainSpain7112007-02-26COMPLETED
48Cooper pair pumpingProf. Jukka PekolaDr. Sigmund KöhlerInnstitut fur Physik, Universität AugsburgGermany1452007-05-21COMPLETED
49NIS junctions for microrefrigeration and thermometryProf. Jukka PekolaDr. Herve CourtoisCNRS, GrenobleFrance40412008-02-20COMPLETED
50The electron-phonon coupling in BCS superconductors Prof. Jukka PekolaDr. Francesco Giazotto and Mt. Cesar Pacual CarciaSNS, PisaItaly40282008-03-02COMPLETED
51Thermal properties of nanoelectromechanical systemsProf. Jukka PekolaDr. Andrew ArmourUniversity of NottinghamUK752008-03-01COMPLETED
52Nonlinear magnetic dynamics and BEC of magnons Prof. Grigory VolovikProf. Sergey DemokritovWestfalische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muensterm MuensterGermany772008-03-25COMPLETED
53Quantum state engineering in superconducting circuit cavity-QEDDr. Mika SillanpääProf. Andreas WallraffETH, ZuerichSwitzerland752008-03-27COMPLETED
54Properties of the Lorentz invariant quantum vacuum. Prof. Grigory VolovikProf. Frans KlinkhamerUniversity of Karlsruhe, KarlsruheGermany742008-03-27COMPLETED
55Cooling of nanomechanical resonators to ground stateDr. Tero HeikkiläProf. Alexander ShnirmanInstitute for Theoretical Physics, Univ. of Innsbruck Austria752008-03-27COMPLETED
56Event horizon for ripplons Prof. Grigory VolovikProf. Ulf LeonhardtUniversity of St AndrewsUK732008-03-29COMPLETED

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