List of ULTI projects accepted by the Selection Panel

Secretary of the Selection Panel: Satu-Anniina Pakarinen, satu (at)

Contract number: HPRI-1999-CT-00050, Project Manager: Prof. Mikko Paalanen

There are 65 records

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project numberproject titleproject leaderhome institutioncountry of institutionaccess given (in days)access used (in days)status
1Topological Defects in superfluid 3HeKleinert SchakelFreie Universitat BerlinD183183COMPLETED
2Growth Kinetics at the Superfluid-solid Boundary in 3HeJochemsenLeiden University, Kammerligh Onnes LaboratoryNL7353
3Vortex Formation at the Interface of 3He-A and 3He-BJochemsen BlaauwgeersLeiden University, Kammerligh Onnes LaboratoryNL183183COMPLETED
4Linear and Planar Defects in the Order Parameter Field of 3He-AGodfrin SchanenCNRS/CRTBT, GrenobleF183183COMPLETED
5Homogeneous Superfluid TurbulanceVinenPhysics Department, University of BirminghamUK14
6Ultra Low Temperature Physics/Nuclear MagnetismEska GotzPhysics Department, University of BayreuthD6230
7Analogs of Black Holes and Event Horizon in SuperfluidsSchopol FischerUniversity of ThubingenD9286
8Minimum Energy Configuration in the Vortex Line Distribution in a Rotating Cylinder Filled with a Superfluid with both Singly and Doubly Quantized Vortex Lines PresentAvilovForschungcentrum Roschendorf, DresdenD31
8Collaboration on the Latest Experimental Results for NuclearSteinerHahn-Meitner Institute, BerlinGermany30
9Superfluidity of 3He/4He MixturesPickettDepartment of Physics, Lancaster UniversityUK9216
9Quantum Coherent Effects in Josephson Junction Circuits and QuasiparticleF. Hekking, O. BuissonCRTBT, CNRSFrance30
10Nuclear Magnetism in Rhodium metalClausen Lefmann HedegaardRiso National Laboratory, RoskildeDK624
10Turbulence in Fluids and SuperfluidsV. L´vovDept. of Chemical Physics, The Weizmann Institute of ScienceIsrael304
11Electron Transport in NanotubesHekkingCRTBT/CNRS, GrenobleFR31
11Spin Current TurbulenceH. Godfrin, Y. BounkovCRTBT, CNRSFrance30
12Quantized Vortex Lines at a Stable First Order Phase BoundaryJanuJoint Low Temperature Laboratory, Czech Academy of SciencesCZ9292COMPLETED
13Phase-Coherent Effects and Electron Transport in Metallic NanostructuresSchoen ZaikinInstitut für Theoretische Festkörperphysik, Universität KarlsruheD9225
14Superconductor-Insulator Transition n Single Josephson JunctionSoninRacah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of JerusalemIL9292COMPLETED
15Mesoscopic Phenomena Out of EquilibriumVirasoro KravtsovInternational Centre for Theoretical Physics, TriesteI927
16Shot Noise in Luttinger LiquidsBlanterDelft University of TechnologyNL319
17High Frequency Measurements in Mesoscopic PhysicsLevyGrenoble High Magnetic Field LaboratoryF15
18Investigations of the Interface between the A and B Phases in Superfluid Helium 3Pickett HaleyDepartment of Physics, Lancaster UniversityUK9261
19Experimental Study of Superfluid Turbulence at Millikelvin TemperaturesSkrbekJoint Low Temperature Laboratory, Czech Academy of SciencesCZ9292COMPLETED
20Nuclear Magnetism in MetalsRasmussenNiels Bohr Institute, DenmarkDK926
21Quantum Measurement Problems in Solid State QubitsWilhelmSektion Physik, Ludwig-Mamilians-Universitaet, MuenchenDE145
22Theory of Nonconventional SuperconductorsMineevDRFMC/SPSMS, GrenobleF924
232D VorticitySchakelFreie Universitat BerlinD9292COMPLETED
24Vorticity at the Rotating Phase Boundary Between 3He-A and 3He-BSkrbekJoint Low Temperature Laboratory, Czech Academy of SciencesCZ9274
25Electron Transport in NanotubesSonin Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of JerusalemIL9269
26Surface Shape and Dynamics of Quantum Crystal 3HeBalibarENS, ParisF3120
27Quantum State Engineering in Josephson JunctionsMakhlinInstitut für Theoretische Festkörperphysik, Universität KarlsruheD314
28Towards Percolation Description of Quantum Phase TransitionsKleinert Freie Insitute BerlinD9287
29Development of BOTLevyGrenoble High Magnetic Field LaboratoryF929
30Effective Gravity in Quantum LiquidsArodzInstitute of Physics, Jagellonian UniversityPL31
31Atomic Force Microscopy Applied to Investigationsvan HaasendonkLaboratory of Solid State Physics (VSM), Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenB3115
32Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling and Entangled Josephson QubitsBuissonCNRS, CRTBT Grenoble, FranceF146
33On-Chip Microcooling Using Normal Metal -Superconductor and Ferromagnet-Superconductor InterfacesBeltramScuola Normale Superiore, SNS, PisaItaly92
34Study of Superfluid Turbulence in 3He-BSkrbekJoint Low Temperature Laboratory, Czech Academy of Sciences, PragueCzech92
35Temperature Dependence of the Kelvin-Helmholz Instability at the Phase Boundary between Superfluid 3He-A and 3He-BFrossatiLeiden UniversityThe Netherlands46
36Measuring Fluctuations through the Josephson EffectSchönUniversität Karlsruhe, Institut für Theoretische FestkörperphysikGermany14
37Turbulence in Helium SUperfluidsBarenghiUniversity of Newcastle, Physics Dept.UK14
38NanohermometryGodfrinCRTBT, CNRSFrance30
39Simulation of the Horizon and the Ergoregion in a LaboratorySoffInstitut fuer Theoretische Physik, Technische Universitaet DresdenGermany15
40Vacuum Instability and SUperfluid TurbulenceBarenghiUniversity of Newcastle, Physics Dept.UK92
41Analogs of Event Horizons in Condensed Matter SystemsMaartensInstitute of Cosmology and Gravitation ICG, University of PortsmouthUK15
42Neutron Diffraction and Nuclear MagnetismSteinerHahn-Meitner Institute, BerlinGermany7
43Ideal and Non-Ideal Quantum Point ContactsLindelofNiels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and GeophysicsDenmark7
44Review on Recent Results on Materials with Novel PropertiesOttETH, ZürichSwitzerland7
45Noise as a Probe of Mesoscopic SystemsBüttikerDepartement de Physique Theoretique, Université de GeneveSwitzerland7
46Shot NoiseGlattliENS, ParisFrance7
47SQUID NMRSaundersRoyal Holloway University of LondonUK7
48Superconductivity at Megabar Pressures: Electrical MeasurementsEremetsMax-Planck-Institut für Chemie, MainzGermany7
49Superfluid 3HeSkybaInstitute of Expermental Physics, Slovak Academy of SciencesSlovakia7
50Electron Energy Relaxation Due to Magnetic ImpuritiesGrabertPhysikalisches Institut, Freiburg UniversityGermany7
51Energy and Phase Relaxation in Metallic WiresPothierSPEC, CEA, SaclayFrance7
52Charge QubitsDelsingChalmers University of Technology, Dept. of Microelectronics and NanoscienceSweden7
53Cooper Pair Cotunneling in Superconducting SETsZorinPTB, BraunschweigGermany7
54Quantum Defects in Condensed Matter and CosmologyPolturakTechnion, HaifaIsrael7
55Superflow and Textures in a Slab of 3He-AGolovUniversity of Manchester, Condensed Matter PhysicsUK7
56Superfluid Turbulence at Very Low TemperaturesFisherLancaster University, Dept. of PhysicsUK7
57Coulomb Blockaded Tunnel Junction as a Noise ProbeSoninRacah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael7
58Spectroscopy of Quasiparticle Scattering in SuperconductorsJanuJoint Low Temperature Laboratory, Czech Academy of Sciences, PragueCzech50
59Josephson Effect in Superfluid 3HeEskaPhysics Dept., University of BayreuthGermany7
60Electrons on He: A Potential Quantum Computer?MukharskyCEA, SaclayFrance7
61Vortices and Nodal QuasiparticlesSudboDept. of Physics, Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, TrondheimNorway7

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