project title: Frequency Dependent Noise and Higher Cumulants in Mesoscopic Structures
project leader: Dr. Peter Samuelsson
access given (in days): 14
access used (in days): 4
local host: Doc. Tero Heikkilä
home institution: Lund University, Division of Solid State Physics
country of institution: Sweden
starting date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2005-01-11
Dr. Samuelsson is a junior theoretician from Lund University, Sweden. The goal of his project is to find a theoretical description of mesoscopic detectors measuring frequency dependent noise and higher cumulants from other mesoscopic devices. Especially he wants to concentrate on the use of a driven Josephson junction as the detector. With these detector models, he would like to find the proper quantum-mechanical formulations of the higher-order correlators measured with the detectors, and calculate these correlators in some generic cases.
Dr Samuelsson visited Low Temperature Laboratory in November 2005. During the short visit, he initiated the project on describing a generic fluctuation detector. This will result in a publication submitted within the next couple of months. The rest of the visiting days will hopefully be used during the remaining of the year, and during this visit we will concentrate on the actual calculation of the frequency dependent higher-order correlators encountered in the theory of mesoscopic detectors.