project title: Quantum state engineering in superconducting circuit cavity-QED
project leader: Prof. Andreas Wallraff
access given (in days): 7
access used (in days): 5
local host: Dr. Mika Sillanpää
home institution: ETH, Zuerich
country of institution: Switzerland
starting date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2008-03-27
Impressive progress has recently been made in the novel field of cavity Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED) on superconducting Josephson device qubits and on-chip resonators which connect up to two such qubits. The factors that limit the fidelities of two-qubit quantum gates based on the circuit QED architechture, however, have not yet been addressed. We plan on experiments and theoretical modeling aiming on clarifying the issue, as well as an experimental demonstration of an elementary conditional quantum gate in the setup.
Prof. Wallraff paricipated in the ULTI User Meeting. During the visit of Prof. Wallraff to the ULTI site, issues were addressed regarding the current status and future directions in the field. In particular, it was concluded that before extending the efforts into multi-qubit systems, experimental evidence of an unequivocally nonclassical phenomena, such as sqrt(n) dependencies, are in due.