List of Users of ULTI - I Programme (1.4.1994 - 31.1.1998)

Total access granted: 143 mo for 32 projects

Total specified in the contract: 100 mo for 4 years

Research Topic (Access granted) Principal User User(s) Organization (Country
Nucleation of singular vortices in superfluid 3He-B (2.3) Prof. G. Eska Mr. M. Hübner Universität Bayreuth, D
Elementary excitations and faceting of the crystalline interface between the solid and superfluid phases in the 4He system below 10 millikelvin (10.1) Prof. F. Pobell Dr. Y. Kondo, Dr. G. Tvalashvili Universität Bayreuth, D
Nuclear magnetic order in silver at picokelvin temperatures (2.6) Prof. M. Steiner Prof. M. Steiner Hahn-Meitner Institut, Berlin, D
Ultra fast rotation of 3He superfluids (0.2) Prof. W.F. Vinen Prof. W.F. Vinen University of Birmingham, UK
Mixed cluster of singly and doubly quantized vortex lines in rotating superfluid 3He-A: Long range order in the vortex lattice (1.2) Dr. V. Avilov Dr. V. Avilov Technische UniversitätBraunschweig, D
Dynamic properties of the interface between the A and B phases in superfluid 3He (0.2) Prof. M. Liu Prof. M. Liu Universität Hannover, D
Thermal properties of 3He-4He mixtures at very low temperatures (2.6) Prof. G. Pickett Prof. G. Pickett, Mr. D. Cousins University of Lancaster, UK
Analogies between topological defects in superfluids, superconductors, and the early universe (3.4) Prof. T. Kibble Mr. A. Gill, Prof. T. Kibble, Dr. R. Rivers Imperial College, London, UK
Optical interferometry on the free surfae of liquid 3He (0.5) Prof. H. Hall Mr. F. Clancy, Dr. H. Alles University of Manchester, UK
Quantized vortex lines intersecting transverse AB phase boundary in rotating superfluid 3He (13.4) Dr. B. Plaçais Dr. B. Plaçais, Mr. N. Lütke-Entrup Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, F
Interfaces between liquid and solid helium (0.2) Prof. S. Balibar Dr. E. Rolley Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, F
Investigation of vortex formation in the 3He superfluids with a microsphere oscillating in the bulk superfluid (0.5) Prof. W. Schoepe Prof. W. Schoepe Universität Regensburg, D
NMR measurements of nuclear magnetic ordering phenomena in metals at ultralow temperatures (13.7) Dr. K. Clausen Dr. K. Lefmann Risø National Laboratory, Roskilde, DK
Analogies between 3He superfluids and the black hole physics (0.2) Prof. T. Jacobson Prof. T. Jacobson University of Utrecht, NL
Cryogenic low noise amplifiers (9.6) Prof. G. Eska Dr. Y. Kondo Universität Bayreuth, D
Integration of adiabatic compressional cooling of 3He into a nuclear refrigeration stage (22.0) Prof. G. Eska Dr. G. Tvalashvili, Mr. E. Nazaretski Universität Bayreuth, D
Chemical methods for reducing the line width of evaporated circuitry (15.5) Prof. W. Brewer Mr. M. Danielides Freie Universität Berlin, D
Cryogenic low noise detectors (0.1) Prof. F. Zignani Dr. E. Centurioni University of Bologna, I
Theoretical analogies between cosmology and superfluid 3He (0.3) Dr. A.-C. Davis Dr. A.-C. Davis University of Cambridge, UK
Measurement of vortices with NMR in superfluid 3He-B in the T = 0 limit (12.3) Prof. Y. Bunkov, Prof. H. Godfrin Dr. Y. Bunkov, Mr. R. Schanen CNRS/CRTBT, Grenoble, F
Measurement of the magnetization of nanoparticles (13.7) Prof. A. Benoit Dr. M. Martin, Dr. W. Wernsdorfer CNRS/CRTBT, Grenoble, F
Cryogenic low noise detectors (0.1) Prof. S. Hunklinger Dr. S. Bandler Universität Heidelberg, D
AFM microscopy (2.8) Prof. J. Pekola Dr. P. Davidsson University of Jyväskylä, FIN
"Charged helium interfaces; wetting properties of liquid helium (0.2)" Prof. P. Leiderer Prof. P. Leiderer, Mr. E. Teske Universität Konstanz, D
Conducting nanostructures on semiconductor surfaces (0.1) Prof. A.-P. Jauho Prof. A.-P. Jauho Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, DK
Optical spectroscopy of atoms trapped in solid helium (0.2) Prof. Anthony Weiss Dr. S. Kanorski Universität Bonn, D
Quantum decoherence (1.4) Prof. Gerd Schön Dr. A. Zaikin Universität Karlsruhe, D
Vortex nucleation (3.4) Prof. H. Ruder Mr. U. Fischer Universität Tübingen, D
Quantized vortex lines intersecting a transverse AB boundary in rotating superfluid 3He (2.4) Prof. R. Jochemsen Mr. R. Blaauwgeers University of Leiden, NL
Quantum dots (0.1) Prof. M. Jonson Dr. J. Kinaret Chalmers University of Technology, S
Cryogenic low noise detectors (0.1) Prof. F. Zignani Mr. E. Centurioni University of Bologna, I
Manipulation of nanoparticles (0.1) Prof. L. Samuelsson Dr. L. Montelius Lund University, S
Three ULTI symposia (8) 59 participants