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RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 11 Bounkov Yurij M 1950 OT EXP Physics

RES CRTBT/CNRS Grenoble FR N N N 1 28 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 13 Schoepe Wilfred M 1940 DE EXP Physics

UNI University of Regensburg, Physics Dept. Regensburg DE N Y N 1 10 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 15 Haley Richard M 1971 GB EXP Physics

UNI Physics Department, Lancaster University Lancaster GB N N N 1 20 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 16 Blaauwgeers Rob M 1974 NL PDOC Physics

UNI Leiden University, Kamerlingh Onnes laboratory Leiden NL N N N 1 91 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 17 De Graaf Rob M 1974 NL PGR Physics

UNI Leiden University Leiden NL N N N 1 61 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 18 Tsepelin Viktor M 1974 EE EXP Physics

UNI Lancaster University, Physics Department Lancaster GB Y N N 1 22 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 19 Guichard Wiebke F 1974 FR EXP Physics

UNI Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble FR Y N N 1 31 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 2 Lechner Lorenz M 1979 DE PGR Physics

UNI Universität Regensburg Regensburg DE Y N N 4 123 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 22 Skrbek Ladislav M 1955 CZ EXP Physics

UNI Czech Academy of Sciences Prague CZ N Y N 1 25 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 23 Samuelsson Peter M 1965 SE EXP Physics

UNI Lund University, Division of Solid State Physics Lund SE Y Y N 1 4 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 24 Sonin Edouard M 1936 IL EXP Physics

UNI Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Racah Institute of Physics Jerusalem IL N Y N 1 29 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 26 Eschrig Matthias M 1968 DE EXP Physics

UNI Institut für Theoretische Festkörperphysik, Universität Karlsruhe Karlsruhe DE Y Y N 1 5 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 5 Giazotto Francesco M 1969 IT EXP Physics

UNI SNS Pisa IT N N N 1 17 Y
RITA-CT-2003-505313 AR2 9 Hekking Frank M 1964 NL EXP Physics

UNI LPMMC-CNRS & Joseph Fourier University Grenoble FR N Y N 3 79 Y