Satellite meetings

last modified 29-MAY-98


MOS-99 - Physics and Chemistry of Molecular and Oxide Superconductors

KTH, Stockholm, July 28 - August 2

Chairman: Prof. Östen Rapp
Cochairman: Prof. Ulf Karlsson

CWS-99 - International Workshop on LT Physics in Microgravity Environment

ISSP, Chernogolovka (Moscow region), July 29 - 31
Chairman: Academician Yu. A. Ossipyan
Vice Chairman: Prof. Leonid Mezhov-Deglin
Secretary CWS-99, Elena Lebedeva, E-mail:

Localization 1999 - Quantum Transport in Disordered Systems

University of Hamburg, July 30 - August 3
Chairman: Prof. Bernhard Kramer

Symposium on Micro- and Nanocryogenics

University of Jyväskylä (Finland), August 1 - 3
Chairman: Prof. Jukka. Pekola
Contact: Dr. Antti Manninen

Electron Transport in Mesoscopic Systems

Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, August 12 - 15
Chairman: Prof.Tord Claeson

ULT - Ultralow Temperatures

Ioffe Institute, St Petersburg, August 12 - 15
Chairman: Prof. Boris P. Zakharchenya
Cochairman: Academician Vladimir Dmitriev

Frontiers in Magnetism

KTH, Stockholm, August 12 - 15
Chairman: Prof. K.V. Rao
Cochairmen: Prof. A.M. Grishin and Prof. V. Kresin  

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