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INformation, Fluctuations, and EneRgy CoNtrOl in Small Systems

INFERNOS is a Collaborative project belonging to Seventh Framework Programme of European Commission (EU FP7) and spanning 3 years (1.1.2013-31.12.2015). The main focus of INFERNOS is to study both experimentally and theoretically the statistics of fluctuations and the role of information in thermodynamics of nanoscale systems. It is expected that INFERNOS project significantly contribute to the European collaboration in the field of nanoscience. INFERNOS consortium consists of 6 European partners and one partner from United States:

  • Aalto University (Finland), AALTO, the Coordinator
  • Lund University (Sweden), LU
  • The University of Barcelona (Spain), UB
  • University of Oslo (Norway), UiO
  • Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), TU Delft
  • The National Center for Scientific Research (France), CNRS
  • The Research Foundation of State University of New York (United States), SUNY

The duration of the project is 36 months and Scientific Coordinator of INFERNOS is Professor Jukka Pekola from Aalto University.


This website content has been produced in context of INFERNOS project which is part of European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme and is co-funded by the European Commission. For avoidance of all doupts, the European Commission has no liability in respect of this website content , which is merely representing the authors view.